Pop Culture & Feminism in 2014

I had the opportunity this week to contribute to a forum on Pop Culture and Feminism spearheaded by my good friend Angelica Jade Bastién. You can read the full list on Babel Tongues. Here are my contributions:

“The first time I saw Broad City I laughed through the entire episode, not only because it was funny, but because it filled a deep need that I didn’t know was missing, and the catharsis overflowed. It is not just an amazing comedy: it also portrays beautiful, messy (sometimes disgusting), intelligent, idiotic women doing beautiful, messy (usually disgusting), intelligent, idiotic things. They groove, they take substances, they make music, they shit, they fuck, they work. I mean, who knew women could do so many things? A guy that I was trying to date for a minute described it as seeing women in their natural habitat. Despite the naivety and offensiveness of that comment, I will take it as a compliment because I aspire for my natural habitat to include broads like Ilana and Abbi.” – MW

“Partyline is ponytails, knee socks, and endless high kicks combined with addicting punk beats only tangentially related to Allison Wolfe’s east coast riot grrrl roots. Like Bratmobile, they may look and sound cute, but there is a deep indignation brewing in those short-shorts. When I saw Partyline play a basement show in Portland years ago, I knew they were good, but I didn’t realize how long their album Zombie Terrorist would stick with me. It is still my ultimate break-up, hook-up, fall-in-love, like, hate, and political despair album. It was my aloe for all of the political and social tragedies this year, not because it calms my righteous anger or brings me peace, but because it validates the rage we foster toward injustice and inequity. It does all of this while fighting zombie terrorists and smoking plenty of weed. Some of the political sentiment is outdated – it was written during the G.W. Bush era – but plenty of it still resonates. And I’ll be damned if, “give me head or give me justice,” isn’t the motto to live by I’ve been searching for. Zombie Terrorist is my spirit animal.” – MW


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